The website is operated and managed by Nemrak Haldus OÜ (the contact details of which are given below in this privacy policy), who is the controller of personal data.

This privacy policy describes how and for what purposes Nemrak Haldus OÜ, as the data controller, processes the personal data of website visitors as data subjects (personal data is information about an identified or identifiable natural person). This privacy policy also describes how and for what purpose Nemrak Haldus OÜ uses data collected about website visitors.

Please read this privacy policy carefully and familiarise yourself with it thoroughly. By visiting the website and/or starting to use the e-store, the website visitor agrees to this privacy policy in full. By starting to use the website, the user of the website gives consent to Nemrak Haldus OÜ to process their personal data in the manner and for the purposes described in this privacy policy.

1.   General principles of privacy

1.1.For Nemrak Haldus OÜ, the privacy of website visitors is very important.

1.2.Nemrak Haldus OÜ is based on the rights, interests and freedoms of the data subject to the greatest extent possible when processing personal data.

1.3.The goal of Nemrak Haldus OÜ is the responsible processing of personal data based on best practices.

1.4.Nemrak Haldus OÜ bases its processing of personal data on the principles of legality, fairness, transparency, purposefulness, quality, correctness, reliability, confidentiality, compliance with technical criteria and limitation of storage.

1.5.In the event that a website visitor submits their personal data to Nemrak Haldus OÜ, Nemrak Haldus OÜ takes all reasonable measures from the point of view of the company’s business operations to protect the website visitor’s personal data.

1.6.Personal data provided to Nemrak Haldus OÜ is processed only in accordance with the legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia.

1.7.Nemrak Haldus OÜ has the right to change its privacy terms at any time by publishing a new version of the Privacy Policy on the website. The updated version of the Privacy Policy will take effect on the date indicated in the specific version.

1.8.Personal data is stored on servers located in the territory of a member state of the European Union or in the territory of a country that has joined the European Economic Area. Personal data may be transferred to countries whose level of data protection has been assessed as adequate by the European Commission and to companies in the United States that have joined the Privacy Shield framework.

1.9.Nemrak Haldus OÜ’s representatives and employees and those persons whose activities include solving technical and other issues related to the use of the website and e-shop and providing customer support services have access to protected personal data.

2.   Procedure for the processing of personal data

2.1.Nemrak Haldus OÜ processes personal data based on the consent received from the data subject or the law.

2.2.”Personal data processing” means any operation performed with the data subject’s personal data, including collection, saving, arrangement, storage, modification, disclosure, access, querying, extracting, use, transfer, cross-use, connection, closure, deletion and destruction.

2.3.Personal data is processed in electronic form; in exceptional cases, extracts are also made in other formats.

2.4.Users’ personal data are processed only with the user’s prior consent, except in cases where it is not possible to ask the user for prior consent for practical reasons and when the processing of personal data is permitted in accordance with the legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia.

2.5.Nemrak Haldus OÜ may, among other things, process the following types of data of website visitors:

2.5.1. personal data that the user discloses to use the website’s e-shop services (first and last name, e-mail address, telephone number, postal address, delivery address, residence), which are collected and stored for the identification of the website visitor and the proper provision of e-shop services (to the extent required by due diligence) and to enable proper use of the e-shop function;

2.5.2. personal data that the user provides additionally to Nemrak Haldus OÜ.

2.6.Nemrak Haldus OÜ may use technologies that collect information about visiting the website and using e-shop services. Nemrak Haldus OÜ also automatically collects certain types of data that are not directly related to the persons visiting the website. In this way, the IP addresses of website visitors, information about browser type, data about visits and use of the website and purchases made, and other information related to the purchase transaction of the e-store, such as product information and other general information about how people visit the website and use the function of the e-store may be collected.

2.7.Nemrak Haldus OÜ may process the personal data of website visitors for the following purposes, among others:

2.7.1. for website administration;

2.7.2  for direct marketing, including sending marketing messages (newsletter, etc.) via e-mail, as well as sending news about the website and e-shop and informing website visitors of any changes related to the changes in the aforementioned data;

2.7.3. to personalise website visitors and their user experience;

2.7.4. to enable website visitors to access the e-shop function and use its services;

2.7.5. to send e-mails, invoices, etc. to website visitors and communicate with them;

2.7.6  to manage the orders of website visitors and deliver the ordered goods;

2.7.7.  the purchase history data is used to compile an overview of purchased goods and analyse customer preferences;

2.7.8. to receive and return payments from website visitors;

2.7.9. to send requests to website visitors and fulfil them; resolve the necessary issues related to the provision of goods and services; order to make the website more user-friendly, functional and meaningful.

2.8.The person’s name, phone number, e-mail address and delivery address will be forwarded to the transport service provider selected by Nemrak Haldus OÜ.

2.9.Nemrak Haldus OÜ is the responsible processor of personal data, which transfers the personal data necessary for making payments to the authorised processor, Maksekeskus AS. In the event that Nemrak Haldus OÜ considers it necessary to disclose the personal data of website users to its other cooperation partners (for example, accounting service providers, customer support service providers, marketing, advertising and IT partners, debt collection service providers, payment default registers, IT service providers), the cooperation partner undertakes to comply in the same way with these privacy terms and/or the legal acts in force in the Republic of Estonia.

2.10.Nemrak Haldus OÜ has the right to transfer personal data either in part or in its entirety to third parties in the event of a merger, division, transfer of the company and other events with legal consequences.

2.11.Personal data will be deleted or made unavailable after (i) the purpose of their processing has ceased to exist, except in cases where the legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia provides otherwise, or (ii) the processing of personal data is not permitted by law, violates the principles of personal data processing or the deletion of personal data is necessary for the controller to fulfil the obligation stipulated in the law.

2.12.If the data subject requests the deletion of personal data collected about them, they must express their will to delete personal data by sending a corresponding declaration of intent to Nemrak Haldus OÜ by e-mail. The request for deletion of personal data will be responded to within one month at the latest. Personal data will be deleted, except in cases where it is necessary to keep such data for accounting purposes or to resolve a consumer dispute.

2.13.In addition to the rights mentioned above in this privacy policy – i.e. the right (i) to demand the deletion of personal data, the user also has the right (ii) to receive information about the personal data collected about them, (iii) the right to consult the personal data collected about them, (iv) the right to request the transfer of personal data to another service provider, (v) the right to demand the correction of incorrect personal data collected about them, (vi) the right to demand the restriction of personal data processing (if such a right arises from the legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia), (vii) the right to compensation for damages, (viii) the right to ask the competent supervisory authority for an assessment in this regard, whether the processing of personal data is lawful, and if the processing of personal data is not lawful, then (ix) file a complaint either with Nemrak Haldus OÜ, the Data Protection Inspectorate (contacts:, +372 627 4135) or the court. The request for the transfer of personal data will be responded to within one month at the latest.

2.14.Withdrawal of the consent given to Nemrak Haldus OÜ for the processing of the personal data of the website visitor does not affect the legality of the personal data processing that took place previously.

3.   Use of cookies

3.1.In order to ensure better usability of the website and e-shop function, to enable all functions, to perform aggregate statistics and to fulfil marketing and other similar purposes, Nemrak Haldus OÜ uses session, persistent and advertising, and third-party data (e.g., Google Analytics, which is one of the most common and reliable analysis solutions) cookies and other similar technologies (for example, device and location information).

3.2.Cookies are small data files that the platform sends to the platform visitor’s web browser and/or devices and which are automatically saved on the visitor’s device.

3.3.Session cookies are automatically deleted after each visit to the platform. Persistent cookies make it easier to visit and use the platform by, for example, saving user passwords and/or settings at the users’ request and identifying visitors who return to the platform to avoid the need for the platform users to re-enter data. Advertising and third-party cookies can be managed both by Nemrak Haldus OÜ itself and mostly directly by third parties. Google Analytics cookies can, among other things, monitor, for example, how long visitors spend on the platform or on one of its pages.

3.4.For the website and/or e-shop to function, it may be necessary that the web browser that opened the page can be identified even after the page has been changed. Most web browsers allow cookies. If the website visitor themselves do not agree to the use of cookies or the web browser they use does not allow cookies, certain functions of the website and/or e-shop may not work or work with errors.

3.5.Nemrak Haldus OÜ also uses cookies to monitor general traffic on the website and to make the user experience better and more efficient.

3.6.In addition to the above, the activities of website visitors on the website may also be recorded by the server that hosts the website. This data is used for technical purposes to ensure the security and operation of the website.

4.   Contact details

4.1.Business name: Nemrak Haldus OÜ
4.2.Registration code: 16103328
4.3.Address of the place of business: Kiriku põik 4a-5, Tallinn 10130, Estonia
4.5.Phone: +37254410498

The privacy policy was last updated on 28.11.2022