“In every imperfection lies beauty, and in every flaw,
a story waiting to be told”


We believe in celebrating the beauty of imperfections. Our limited quantity of products with beauty flaws allows you to embrace the charm of uniqueness. These imperfections add character to your silk essentials, making each piece a true treasure.

Enjoy up to 50% discount on our items with imperfections.


Why Choose Our Defected Products?

Quality Uncompromised: We want to assure you that these variations do not compromise the exceptional quality of our products. Crafted from 100% Mulberry silk, our silkier embodies exceptional quality, luxurious texture, and natural properties—an unparalleled choice for those seeking relaxation, comfort, and true luxury.

Normal in Production: These imperfections are a natural part of the production process, making each piece as unique as a fingerprint.

Eco-Friendly Choice: By choosing these imperfect beauties, you’re contributing to sustainability. We’re reducing waste and giving these pieces a chance to be cherished.

Luxurious Packaging Included: Every defective product comes packaged in our signature luxurious black velvet packaging, adding extra opulence to your purchase.

Find a special piece from our selection and enjoy luxury and comfort!

Write us here which product you are interested in and we will send you pictures and videos.